Assures you get all the comfort you pay for

Task Complete Incomplete Not Required
Outdoor unit properly installed ond level      
Indoor unit properly installed and level      
Indoor coil properly installed and level      
Accessories properly installed      
Air cleaner(s) properly installed      
Drain line(s) installed and tested      
Gas piping properly installed and tested      
Refrigerant piping properly installed and tested      
All low voltoge wiring properly installed and tested      
All line voltage wiring properly installed and tested      
All insulation complete and secured      
All duct work complete and sealed      
All penetrations sealed      
Furnace venting complete. secured, and Inspected      
Combustion air intake installed and working      
All pilots lit (hot water heater, other appliances)      
Electrical panel secure, breakers in proper position      
Condensate pump installed and operating properly      
Humidifier operation and drain Inspected      
Electronic air cleaner operationally tested      
Supply air register installed, adjusted, and level      
Return air grill installed and level      
Thermostat operationally Inspected and level      
Blower set for proper air flow      
Measure cooling supply and return temperatures      
Measure heating supply and return temperatures      
Operating temperatures recorded within limits      
Operating pressures recorded and within limits      
Variable airflow dip switches properly set      
Emergency phone numbers provided      
All areas cleaned to customer’s satisfaction      
All homeowner manuals provided      
Customer instructed in system operation